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Couple by a Lake
Couple by a Lake

What is Play Therapy?

 Play is the natural language of children.  Children have difficulty telling us how they feel so they express their thoughts and feelings through play. They show the play therapist their world through the use of toys and expressive arts. Using these these media, the play therapist can then begin to communicate with them at their level.  

As children move into adolescence, their verbal and cognitive skills increase such that they are less dependent on toys for expressing themselves. Adolescents can still benefit from the use of expressive arts in addition to talking. 
As an Adlerian therapist, I use play to establish an egalitarian relationship with your child. I explore his or her goals of misbehavior and lifestyle to promote insight into their lifestyle. Through reorientation and reeducation, I help children develop alternative behaviors and teach new behaviors. We practice those new behaviors so that they can use them outside the play therapy room.